Month: February 2023

I have managed WordPress websites for several years.  I have over 7 websites currently online both for personal and work. One thing about Flightline Radio that baffled me since the beginning – the showtimes were not displaying correctly!  What?  All About Wine is on Thursday evenings at 7pm (eastern) yet it was showing up as […]

Got Discord?  That is a good method to communicate with us and other listeners.  Currently, there are only two non-voice channels:  #general and #request-line Click the link below to join the Flightline Radio Discord channel. Flightline Radio Discord

February 18, 2023

Hello, it is February 18, 2023 and Flightline Radio is officially on-air 24/7.  Our FBO (Fixed Base Operator/Operation) is located in Winter Haven, Florida. We are currently interested in show hosts/DJ’s to join us in our expansion. We also welcome talkshows & podcasts. It is easy to get started, just have a good computer, high-speed […]

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