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DJ/Presenter/Podcast/Talkshow Application

Thank you for your interest in Flightline Radio. We are currently seeking DJs/Presenters and talkshow/podcast creators to provide entertainment to our listeners.

Flightline Radio is still in its infancy and growing and we would like you to be a part of this growth.

Here are a few things to consider before continuing with this application:

  • Prior experience is preferred but not required. If you have the skills and mindset, you will be considered.  Priority is given to experienced applicants, however.
  • Experienced applicants: A demo (mp3, wave, etc) file must be provided showcasing your abilities - a sample show, your announcing music tracks, the news, etc.  Or, you may link to your Mixcloud channel or other media provider.
  • You are not obligated to dedicate your time exclusively to Flightline Radio.
  • We do ask DJs/Presenters to maintain a schedule of at least 2-hours per week on a recurring basis for your show.  Consistency helps listeners follow you and your show.
  • DJs and talkshow/podcasts are strictly voluntary, on your time for no compensation.
  • There are no strict policies here.  You are volunteering your time.  Enjoy your time with us, the listeners, doing your show and make the best of it.

To continue with the application process, click/press the box "So far, so good. I want to apply!" below.


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Good! Let's get some information from you to begin the process. Please answer the information below. When you are finished, review the form and click the Submit button to send us your responses. After review, you will be contacted by station management.

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Online tutorials are available to help speed up the process of learning online radio and what is required.  Use your favorite search engine (Google, Yahoo!, etc) for the following topics - you will not be required to master any of these, but be familiar with them at least:

  • What is required to stream music online
  • Streaming Encoder (Shoutcast, Icecast)
  • DJ Software (Mixxx, RadioDJ are excellent free products)
  • Live365 (our current streaming provider)

It will help to do some research on your own as you may not understand certain terms.

For DJ positions, you can download Mixxx and/or RadioDJ and get to know them, even do test shows.  Those are free options and very well-known and respected in online radio.  There are plenty of tutorials online for setting up and using them.

We will train you, but it will help get you on-air sooner if you have some knowledge of terms and software.  Jump start the process!

I will do some research on my own to familiarize myself with the software necessary.

Samples and the last bit

Use the additional fields below to provide samples of your work.  You can upload an mp3 or wav file and/or provide a link to a show you have done.

When providing a demo file, please limit the file size. Since we are interested in YOUR voice and presentation, it helps to limit the length of music to a few seconds.  We are interested in hearing YOU and your style.  You may need to edit your audio file before submitting it - if it is a 2-hour show but you only talk for 15-minutes mixed between will not help to hear 1 hour, 45 minutes of music.

Upload samples of ad spots you created, news items you presented, weather, etc.

When providing a link to a show, whether past DJ work or talkshow/podcast, make sure we have access to the audio so we can listen to it.

(Already have a show? Link to it here so we can hear your work)
(Already have a show? Link to it here so we can hear your work)
Maximum upload size: 2.1MB
(aac, mp3, wav file formats only! Maximum of 3 files may be uploaded)
(Did we leave anything out that would you like to add for our consideration?)

When you have completed this form and checked your responses, click/press the Submit button below to send the information to us.

Upon review, we will contact you, preferably by Email, regarding the status.

And, again, we thank you for your interest in Flightline Radio.

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